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Why choose an ACMS Fellowship trained Mohs surgeon?

Mohs surgery is a technically challenging treatment for skin cancer and while many surgeons are able to perform the procedure, only a select group have received extensive and proper training that enables them to achieve the highest competency and best outcomes for their patients.

Doctor Bricca received his fellowship training in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, under the instruction of John A. Zitelli, MD and David G. Brodland, MD.

Training in an American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS) accredited fellowship program ensures that your surgeon received detailed hands-on education in three important areas: 1) surgical removal of skin cancer tissue; 2) pathological examination of that tissue to determine when the skin cancer is completely removed; and 3) reconstructive surgery to achieve the best functional and cosmetic outcomes for patients.

Be sure that your Mohs surgeon is ACMS fellowship trained to receive your best skin cancer surgery outcome.

More information on fellowship training and a complete list of fellowship trained Mohs surgeons can be found at www.mohscollege.org.

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